1700 Harvard Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15218
phone: (412) 243-7214
fax: (412) 242-5232
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  The Mark McKenzie Landscaping site is an introduction — who we are, what we do, and even how and why we do it — but it’s also an open invitation to collaborate with us on an exciting creative project: your landscape.

Some will find our invitation more tempting than others. Although Mark McKenzie Landscaping has the aesthetic range, experience, and tools to satisfy many different landscaping tastes and needs, we know we’re not for everyone. In fact, when it comes down to being “all things to all people” or “uniquely wonderful to a few,” we’ll always choose the latter.

If you’d like to take us up on our invitation — or just feel a certain connection, a sense of possibility, and want to explore it further — our contact info is below. Call or email us soon — we’d love to hear about you and your landscape, then meet with you personally for a portfolio presentation and initial consultation.


Mark McKenzie
Ph: 412 243 7214
Fx: 412 242 5232
Email: BIZ